T h e   D e s i g n e r / M a k e r   c l e a r a n c e   s a l e

In 1987 an enthusiastic group of graduate designers/makers, based in Sumner Workshop Studios in Peckham, decided to celebrate Christmas with an invitation to our customers, family and friends.
We took the opportunity to cleared old stock, samples, seconds and ends of ranges at bargain prices.

the makers 2012

Thrilled by its success, in following years we were joined by an ever growing band of makers.
The workshop Sale was born.
A jolly convivial atmosphere, the opportunity to buy unique work, from an exciting mix of
designer/makers, at bargain prices, make the sale an un-missable annual event.

Through the years the venues have changed and the mix of work has evolved.
Many customers travel far and wide and together with our loyal band of local followers,
continue to be the first at the quality bargains. So come along, meet the makers, enjoy a cup of coffee, catch up with old friends ,and bag a unique range of bargain gifts.
For you, your home and the ones you love.